Common Health Issues Facing Veterans

For those who have not served in the armed forces, it can be really hard to understand the unique circumstances that veterans face during their military commitment. We often hear about veterans affairs, the mental and emotional effects of war, and programs like the G.I. Bill, but we do not always delve deeply into the unique trauma that veterans face and how to give responsive support.

The physical trauma veterans experience affects their long-term health in ways we might not even think of. Exposure to physical hardship helps to explain why there is a disproportionate number of disabled, homeless, and substance-dependent veterans compared to civilian populations. At Defender Bracelets, we are a veteran-owned company whose mission is to provide fundraising support to veterans affairs. We want to discuss common physical issues that veterans face to show how crucial it is to support veterans in any way we can.

Musculoskeletal Injury and Chronic Pain

More than half of all veterans suffer from chronic pain in their backs, necks, knees, shoulders, and other major joints, according to post-deployment health visits. There are many factors that explain this continued pain, especially the amount of weight that soldiers are expected to carry, long hours on patrol, and physically taxing training and job requirements.

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Hearing Loss and Impairment

Repeated exposure to gunfire, heavy artillery, loud engine rooms, and aircraft sounds all contribute to the hearing loss and impairment our veterans experience. Veterans who have suffered hearing loss need access to quality hearing aid technology, hearing therapy, and even surgical operations.

Toxic Exposure

Our troops are exposed to toxic material, such as nerve agents, because they are much more prevalent in combat than civilian life. According to the American Heart Association, exposure to nerve toxins can catalyze long-term heart damage. Especially true for Gulf War Veterans, who were exposed to Sarin at a high rate, the cost of combat takes away from cardiovascular health.

Infectious Disease

While military personnel are required to get vaccines in order to serve, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) contends that veterans suffer disproportionately from rare infectious diseases that they contract on deployment to foreign nations. Infectious diseases can cause of a host of short-term issues depending on the bacteria in play, and they can also yield long-term physical health concerns.

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This list is far from exhaustive, but it at least points to a few physical symptoms that veterans face during and after their military service. Defender Bracelets built our company to support veterans, as they continue to face hardships long after their military service ends. We want to spread awareness about the struggles veterans might experience and to raise financial support for these American heroes.

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