How to Launch a Successful Fundraising Campaign

One way Defender Bracelets hopes to be successful in helping raise awareness and money for veterans who have served is in partnering with non-profit and not for profit organizations and help with their fundraising needs. With support and guidance for each other, we can help families in need by providing knowledge about getting free from debt, help with finding affordable housing, mental illness counseling, and more. With our fundraising bracelet, we can help veterans who need it most. Learn more about how to launch a successful fundraising campaign.

Fundraising BraceletTell People About It

Putting the campaign brand out in the world for people to learn about it, gain interest, and donate, is an essential part of the process. When the campaign is accessible for people to find, this will ensure that you’re not missing out on fundraisers and donations. Make your campaign visible by accessing all communication channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. When people aren’t on an emailing list, they will be able to find you and donate to the cause.

Make It Easy

People who are going to donate to a fundraiser want it to be easy and maybe even fun! With our fundraising bracelet, people not only get to help support veterans in need, but will have a lasting keepsake to daily honor the veterans. That’s how Defender Bracelets sets ourselves apart from other fundraising companies. When people purchase a bracelet, the money goes to the veterans, and when they wear the bracelet, it raises awareness for the cause.

Tell Your Story

The more people know about your foundation, the more likely they are to donate or purchase a bracelet. Tell your service story, or if you know someone who is willing to have their story told, get it out there and be passionate about telling it. This doesn’t always have to mean telling the story in person either. Use informative and engaging images on social media and websites in order to gain the viewer’s interest. This can lead to telling success stories. Veterans who have found jobs, or are continuing their education, who have found relief or a successful method of managing PTSD can inspire people to continue donating or talking about it with other people.

Follow Up

Keeping in contact with those who have donated or purchased a bracelet and engaging with them shows them that you are passionate about raising awareness and funds for veterans. Let them know what the money is being used for and how it has made an impact on a veteran’s family. Ongoing campaigns will have a base of supporters who can continue to spread the word. 

Fundraising Bracelet

A successful fundraising campaign starts with a solid foundation and passionate members. Defender Bracelets is a 100 percent veteran owned company who is dedicated to providing support for veterans who are in need of help. Partner with us to help sell fundraising bracelets and together we can make a difference in veterans and their family’s lives. Our bracelets feature logos of various service areas including the U.S. Army, the Navy, Vietnam War Veterans, and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our fundraising campaign.