How We Can Help Homeless Veterans

If you drive through any major city, there’s a good chance you’ll see groups of homeless people. A known problem, there have been some significant improvements finding homes for the homeless. However, according to HUD, there were around 39,400 homeless veterans across the United States in 2016. While this number is down from the previous years 47,700, there is still a towering number of homeless veterans who are sleeping unsheltered at night. This is where Defender Bracelets come in. We are a 100 percent veteran owned company who offers fundraising bracelets to help non-profit and not for profit organizations raise support and money for veterans and their families.

Fundraising BraceletWhy Are Veterans Homeless?

Each veteran’s specific situation can involve various reasons and they often overlap. By supporting veterans with the purchase of a fundraising bracelet, money can be designated to help with these reasons.

  • Affordable Housing: Much has been done through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to ensure that veterans have access to affordable housing. However, with severely limited financial means, it can still be difficult for some to have access to these homes.
  • Access to Health Care: Decisions on medical claims often take months, if not years. It is becoming easier for veterans to receive care, but waiting for decisions means paying costs out of pocket in the meantime.
  • PTSD: Many veterans struggle with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. When they don’t have the access to health care, issues that result from PTSD can have a damaging impact on their ability to find stable employment.
  • Substance Abuse: Along with PTSD, some veterans are fighting with substance abuse. Without the proper care and access to support, these struggles are hard to overcome.
  • Lack of Support Networks: Not having access to health care and the residual effects of PTSD and substance abuse are often made worse when the veterans don’t have support of families or friends.
  • Non Transferable Skills: When returning back to civilian life, a common difficulty is finding a way to translate military skills to the everyday workforce needs. Competing with others for employment can lead to not having the funds for health care costs, housing, etc.

What Can You Do?

When money from the government is available, but limited, it comes down to non-profit organizations and veterans helping veterans groups to support homeless veterans. Veterans who participate in community groups that support each other are more likely to become a productive citizen again. Those looking to support their veterans can look to their community for volunteer opportunities, make a donation to a local organization, or purchase a fundraising bracelet from Defender Bracelets.

Fundraising Bracelet

Defender Bracelets

Our fundraising bracelets features various branches, including the U.S. Army, Vietnam Veterans, Coast Guard, and others. The wooden tile represents those who have bravely fought for our country but who struggle with finding the support they need for themselves and their families. Partnering with organizations, we seek to raise money for veterans in need with our fundraising bracelet. Order yours today or give us a call today to learn how you can help.