Navy Success Stories and Helping Those in Need

When people are approached about donating to a cause, their first reaction may be to say, “No, I’m not interested.” But when they presented with information about what the cause or foundation is about, who they are raising money for, their stories, and how the money is making an impact on people’s lives, they may be more inclined to donate. At Defender Bracelets, we are a 100 percent veteran owned company who seeks to raise support for veterans and their families who have served our country. Our fundraising bracelet features the logos of various service areas including the U.S. Army, the National Guard, Vietnam Veterans, the Navy, and more. Read some stories of how service members in the Navy got to where they are today.

Fundraising BraceletAC1 Shelly Cosman - Air Traffic Control Instructor

Shelly played basketball and soccer growing up and her athletic skill made it possible to earn a scholarship and she played these sports in college. But she needed a change and started looking for something different. After a conversation with her father, a retired Marine, who told her she could either go back to school, get a job, or go into the military, she talked to a recruiter the next day and was leaving for Navy Recruit Training three weeks later.

After boot camp, she went to Pensacola, Florida, to begin her training for the Air Traffic Controller role she had signed up for. She spent some time of the USS Theodore Roosevelt where she gained experience on the 1,090-foot long deck. From her training, she began teaching students the basics of air traffic control and she continues to inspire.

CAPT Craig Ross Medical Corps, USNR - Medical Corps

Growing up, Capt Ross spent time with his great-uncle, a World War II dive bomb squadron commander. This exposure and impression from his relative gave Ross the inspiration to take advantage of the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program. After college, Ross decided to go to medical school and this scholarship helped him become financially free after school was completed. 

His career began at the Naval Hospital Pensacola with a family practice internship, moved on to a short stint in pediatrics, and finally landed a position as a Navy Flight Surgeon. His career allowed him to travel across the globe, to places like the Mediterranean, Washington, California, Vermont, Iceland, Africa, and Iraq.

These are stories of success; however, there are many active service members and retired members who haven’t been as lucky finding a career that both fits their dreams and goals but also allows them a freedom of choice and financial stability. Far too often a service member comes home to face family struggles, debt, and challenges and struggles making the transition from active duty life to civilian life. It’s for these people that we offer our fundraising bracelet.

Fundraising Bracelet

If you or someone you know has served and has been successful in their careers, make the choice to work with Defender Bracelets to gain awareness and help raise money for those less fortunate. The money we raise, and the money organizations that partner with us help raise, goes towards helping these service members and their families have hope for a better, more secure life. To learn more about our fundraising bracelet, give us a call today.