Questions to Ask a Veteran

A majority of us probably know someone who has fought in a war, whether it’s a parent, uncle, or grandparent. These people in your life probably have amazing stories to tell that you would love to hear so that you can get to know them better and to possibly share their stories with others. The challenging part of this venture is knowing what to ask so they feel comfortable sharing their experiences. If you want to have a conversation with a veteran in your life, here are some tips and some questions that you can ask.

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Fundraising BraceletTips on Getting Started

It’s essential that whoever you are getting to know, that they are willing to answer your questions and that they are comfortable with the situation.

  • First, ask if they are willing to have a conversation about their experience.
  • Find an appropriate setting where they will feel comfortable, or simply talk over the phone.
  • Let them know what types of questions you will ask so that they can prepare.
  • To keep the conversation natural and flowing, ask follow up questions that you are interested in learning.

Questions to Ask a Veteran

  1. Why did you join the military? If you know what branch of service they were in, be specific with this question.
  2. What was your time in boot camp like?
  3. What did you do after training? This is known as MOS or Military Occupation Specialties.
  4. Where did you spend the most time in service? Asking about their travel experience will open up a lot of other potential questions.
  5. What rank did you earn during your service? Ask them to explain how they reached that rank.
  6. Did you receive any medals or citations that you are proud of?
  7. What sort of people did you meet in the service? Ask about people they served with as well as people they met while traveling.
  8. What did you eat while in the service? What were the worst and best foods?
  9. Ask them to tell a funny story that they remember.
  10. How did serving affect your life today?

Support Your Veterans

Asking these questions will help you gain an understanding of the veteran’s life and experience while serving. Knowing the details of an experience can lead to a desire to help the veteran in your life and other veterans lead a better life. That is our mission at Defender Bracelets. With our fundraising bracelet, we want to help organizations raise financial support to help veterans and their families. The money raised by the fundraising bracelets will go to help veterans find healthcare, find employment, emotional support, and many other things.

Fundraising Bracelet

Our organization is run and owned by veterans who understand what it’s like to fight for our country, and what the struggles of living life as a veteran include. Our hope is that we can spread awareness so that more people make donating a consistent habit. If you have a veteran in your life, order a free sample of our fundraising bracelet to show support.