Reasons to Donate to Charity

Christmas is coming up quickly, which means taking trips to find presents for your family, neighbors, coworkers, and friends. This time of year is known for gift-giving and letting those around you that you appreciate them and what they have done for you throughout the year. Your first impulse may be to find the best gift available for your significant other or your parents, but have you thought about giving to those who may need support and appreciation the most? At Defender Bracelets, we want to show our support for veterans and their families who have served our country. We show our appreciation by offering beautiful fundraising bracelets that will raise financial support for veterans and families. Why should you consider donating this holiday season?

Fundraising BraceletOthers Are Not as Fortunate

Many of us are planning on spending this holiday season surrounded with friends and family, around a big table filled with food, in front of a beautiful tree with gifts piled up beneath, and in a warm home. However, so many of these things are taken for granted. Veterans across the country are not spending their holidays in such luxury. For those who are able, it’s important to donate financial support, whether it’s with our fundraising bracelet, or another method.

Donate Your Time

We understand that not all of us are able to donate money, but there are other ways to offer support. If you have a free weekend or afternoon, look for volunteer opportunities at your local food bank or homeless shelter. The VA Voluntary Service also has opportunities available across the country to help veterans, including a homeless program, cemetery administration, transportation network, and welcome home celebrations.

Think Long-Term

There’s no doubt that people tend to donate and volunteer more during the holiday season, but organizations need help year-round. Many organizations have opportunities to set up monthly donations. This will make it easy to continue offering financial support even after the gift-giving season is over. With our fundraising bracelet, we do our best to make it as easy as possible to support veterans throughout the year.

Work With Defender Bracelets

Our organization is run and owned by veterans who have fought for our country. We know all too well the number of people who are spending their holidays on the streets and families who continuously struggle to put food on the table. We started Defender Bracelets with the hope of spreading awareness about what veterans struggle with on a daily basis. We hope that by working with other organizations and individuals that our fundraising bracelet will make it easier to raise financial support for those who have supported us in the past.

Fundraising Bracelet

When you’re out shopping or browsing the Internet for the best gifts, think about donating or volunteering to help those in need. Our fundraising bracelet features wooden tiles that represent various branches of service. These tiles seek to honor those who have died for their country. If you want to honor the veterans and their families who have served, order your free sample bracelet today.