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How to Support Returning Veterans

With so much buzz constantly surrounding United States veterans, from past wars and today's, one may quickly think that someone else can take on the burden of offering support. But when we sit and think about what our veterans have done for us, and how many struggles they face when returning from active duty, there is a job to be done that must involve many American people. Defender Bracelets is...

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Nearly 10 million veterans are age 65 or older. Of homeless veterans, 70 percent suffer from substance abuse, 50 percent experience mental health issues. 6 percent of Gulf War-era II veterans (post-9/11) are unemployed. Are you a veteran of the United States? Do you know a veteran? Or do you want to support America’s veterans by participating in fundraising efforts? Defender Bracelets wants to join non-profit and not for profit...

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