Tips For Supporting a Veteran With PTSD

An all too common struggle for those returning from combat is PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. There isn’t a cure for the disorder, so individuals, couples, families, and support groups need to work together to find relief and methods of living with and managing the symptoms. If you are a loved one of someone with PTSD, it’s important to be as supportive as possible and knowing as much as possible about the disorder and how to help is vital in creating an environment in which they can thrive.

At Defender Bracelets, we are here to help grow support for veterans by raising money with our fundraising bracelet. The bracelet represents various branches of service and each bracelet allows us to provide financial support for veterans and their families.

Fundraising BraceletTips For Supporting a Veteran With PTSD

Provide Social Support

When the one you love wants to withdraw from the family into their own space where they feel safe, it’s all the more important for you to be there to provide support. As much as you want to, try not to pressure them into talking about their experience. For some, talking about what happened can bring back painful memories which makes the situation worse. Comfort can sometimes be more beneficial through just being present and going through the “normal” activities of the day. Look for signals from your loved one that they want to talk. By letting them take the lead, you can provide your support in a way that they need.


When a veteran with PTSD is ready to talk, be ready to listen without judgment or expectations. It can be hard to listen without trying to give advice, but the process of opening up to someone is a big step in recovering and simply listening is enough. Try to avoid telling them that they should move on, or that they should be over it, that things could have been worse, or try to deny their experience or make it seem like it wasn’t that bad. With our fundraising bracelets, we want to raise enough to help provide veterans with counselors who are trained for these situations.

Trust and Safety

A veteran’s world is turned upside down when they return and have experienced a traumatic event. They may have a hard time adjusting and even small things can cause them to retreat. Creating an environment in which they feel safe can help them recover. Regular routines around the house, such as grocery shopping, getting kids ready for school, and typical household maintenance will help stabilize their life.

Fundraising Bracelet

Even little things throughout the day can make a big difference in helping a veteran recover from PTSD. Defender Bracelets wants to do everything possible to make veteran’s lives as normal as possible. With our fundraising bracelet, we want to help organizations raise money that will provide financial support to veterans and their families. From day to day, family members can play a big role in making veterans with PTSD feel safe and comfortable. For a larger network of support, Defender Bracelets is here to try to fill in the gaps and give support wherever possible with fundraising bracelets. Learn more here and remember to take it one day at a time.