Top 5 Traits That Make Veterans Great Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a challenge that takes a lot of hard work, putting in your own finances to make it happen, and an attitude that doesn’t back down. This endeavor is hard for anyone, but there are certain people who thrive amid the stress and frustration of business ownership. Among those people are veterans. But what is it about veterans that make them so great at being an entrepreneur? 

At Defender Bracelets, we want to help support veterans who have served our country so that they can become successful in their day-to-day lives as well as their business lives. Our fundraising bracelet seeks to honor those who have served in various branches.

Fundraising BraceletTraits That Make Veterans Great Entrepreneurs


Many veterans have been in leadership positions and have definitely started at the bottom where they worked with a variety of leaders themselves. This experience gave them an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t. A great leader will allow their followers to have confidence in them, loyalty, and commitment, leading to a team that is has a common goal of success. This highly desired skill is looked for throughout industries.


Graduating from basic training is a huge accomplishment, and many veterans go on to earn promotions. These accomplishments take a lot of hard work and ingenuity. Veterans who have been in the Army, Navy, Marine Corp, etc. for years have seen numerous challenges and they know what it takes to succeed. After achieving success, they can go on to work just as hard, if not harder, to accomplish other challenges.


The ability to focus efforts on a task until it is completed, veterans are trained to have a sense of discipline that easily translates to working in the business world. Knowing how to handle, or having the state of mind to figure out how to handle, various problems and challenges that occur is a skill that is highly valuable. Despite business challenges, someone with discipline will keep pushing themselves until they succeed.


Veterans and business owners alike often have to complete tasks without having the resources they need. But despite not having the tools they need, they make it work. When the product isn’t selling or new customers aren’t coming in, veterans will have the experience to find innovative solutions to the problem.

Fundraising Bracelet


Entrepreneurs know that it takes a lot of risk to start and run a successful business, but they will take on that challenge with a bold face. Being courageous and bold despite financial struggles, or whatever the situation may be, is what keeps business owners and veterans fighting to achieve their goals.

Defender Bracelets is a veteran-owned company, so we recognize the skills that we have learned from serving and how they translate into the business world. With our fundraising bracelet, we hope that we can help the veterans who have struggled after transitioning to civilian life.

Veterans and their families deserve to have a chance to live successful lives. By partnering with business, we want to raise money to support veterans with fundraising bracelets that feature several branches of service. Learn more about us and order your sample fundraising bracelet today.