Watch Out For Veterans Fundraising Scams

When we want to support veterans by donating money or participating in a charity event or fundraiser, it can be devastating to discover that the fundraiser was just a scam. Veterans who have served our country and fight to protect citizens, deserve organizations and people who want to help them in return. It’s unfortunate when sales, deals, and other scams appear to be helping veterans, but are just taking advantage of their situation. That’s why Defender Bracelets began, with the hope to raise money with a fundraising bracelet that can give back to veterans and their families. If you are a veteran, or anyone who wants to help support veterans, watch out for these scams.

Fundraising BraceletSpecial Deals for Veterans

Typically, this scam takes the form of discounts for loans, auto financing, or house rentals. However, the product or services are not actually discounted, or possibly not even available at all. When veterans who want to take advantage of what appears to be a good deal and will save them money, maybe even help them lead a better life, and who then find that they are being scammed, have to continue fighting with disappointment. With our fundraising bracelet, you can give us a call at any point to chat with one of our own veterans.


A common scam, this occurs when someone calls or emails a veteran claiming to be from the Veterans Administration and needs to update their records. They may ask for usernames, passwords, or credit card information with the intent of stealing the victim’s identity. If you are a veteran who receives this type of email or phone call, simply ignore it. The VA will never ask for personal information; and, in fact, the VEC (Veterans Employment Center) doesn’t store this type of information.

Investment Advice

Targeting community centers and nursing homes, this scam tries to trick veterans into believing they are entitled to additional pension money. This is done by trying to review the veteran’s investment portfolio and then convincing them to place the investment in a trust, which will show that they have fewer assets than they really do, allowing them to get an additional pension. The problem occurs when the new trust has annuities, or long-term investments that won’t benefit older veterans. Avoid this scam by consulting with an advisor at your state regulatory office.

Fundraising Bracelet

Charity Fundraising

These scams often show up around Veterns’s Day, but can happen throughout the year. This is when products or services are offered and the retailer will claim that a part of the proceeds will go towards veteran fundraising. However, scammers will keep a majority, if not all, of the money for themselves. At Defender Bracelets, we are a 100 percent veteran owned and operated organization who wants to help support veterans with our fundraising bracelet. We will be more than happy to have a conversation about how the money we raise is used.

If you want to participate in a fundraising opportunity that will provide financial support to veterans and their families, you can shop for our fundraising bracelet here. Learn more about Defender Bracelets here. We want to partner with not for profit and nonprofit organizations to help give back to veterans who fought for us.