Why Veterans Are Good Employees

There may be a certain stigma to hiring veterans, but when companies see how valuable they are, they never want to let them go. With years of experience in stress and pressure-filled environments, they can take the skills they’ve learned and perfected and find use for them in numerous fields. Finding employment for veterans can be a significant struggle and can lead to financial problems and even homelessness. If you want to help support veterans in your community, here are a few reasons why they make great employees.

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Fundraising BraceletLoyal

When in the service, members must rely on each other for support. From this network grows a strong attribute of loyalty. They are loyal to those who support them. You can expect this same attitude in their civilian work life. Veterans want to find a place of employment that they can grow into and make a career out of. A fear for many employers is that new hires will continue to seek a better place of employment. When veterans find stable employment where they can succeed, they will stay there.

Work Ethic

When a company is looking to hire, they want someone reliable who will show up and work hard. It can be hard to determine the sort of work ethic an applicant has from just an hour interview, but with veterans, you can be confident that they will do the job you hire them for to the best of their abilities.


Life in the service is filled with structure and schedules that must be followed. When a strong attention to detail is needed throughout the service, this quality translates to being able to prepare a plan and follow through with it. Veterans will set goals, plan out methods for achieving the goals, and will find a way to be successful.


Service members often need to be able to think fast in challenging situations. When resources or help from peers is not always on hand, they are forced to come up with a solution on their own. With this experience, you can expect veterans who are faced with a challenge to think outside of the box and come up with an innovative plan of action.


Along with developing quick thinking skills, veterans develop a flexibility in the field that translates well into private sector jobs. Roadblocks are met with the ability to adapt and change course as needed in order to be successful and achieve goals that are set.

How to Support Veterans

Many veterans struggle with homelessness due to a lack of employment, access to health care, and other factors. Finding stable employment can make a big difference in combating this problem. By hiring veterans, you can help them build a foundation on which they can support themselves.

Fundraising Bracelet

Finding fundraising opportunities is also a way in which you can support veterans. Our fundraising bracelet helps to raise money for those who have fought for our country and their families. With our fundraising bracelet, we not only hope to raise support, but awareness. Many of those who have fought in the Korean War or served in The U.S. Army or the Marines need assistance with things many of take for granted. Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a veteran and raising support with a fundraising bracelet.