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Our 14 tile wood bracelets have been enhanced. The beads are now silver, not only to make a fashion statement but to symbolize the eternal shining lights we keep in our hearts and minds for all who gave the ultimate sacrifice. In addition, the string is now red to symbolize the blood shed and shared by all Veterans. These bracelets also honor all the branches of our armed forces as well as remembrance for our POW/MIA and those who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, OIF/OEF and of course our flag will always be waving for Freedom. In addition, it has the added tiles to "HONOR THEIR SACRIFICE" and "A veterans oath of enlistment has no expiration date". This product is great for Fundraising as well as a promotional item for organizations to gain membership.

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Great product!

Always great service!

Veteran supporter

I am always looking for something to give our veterans as a token of our appreciation for their service. This bracelet is a wonderful reminder that the peace we enjoy today is a concerted effort of all these services and actions represented here. I can't imagine any American who wouldn't be proud to display this beautiful piece of jewelry in recognitions of the gift of peace our military services have given us. I will be ordering more soon.

Treasurer Corley Island Vet Comm.

Wonderful product....a company that satisfies it’s patron....and represents a great cause......thanks


I giver away bracelets to people I see while either cruising or on highway destination travels who are wearing a military hat. I’ve given out over 300 bracelets over the past 1 year. Also give to military personnel in uniform predominantly in airport terminals. To me it’s a great feeling presenting a bracelet to a veteran and explaining to them the significance of the beads and thread.

Super product,and service

Lee and his company make respecting and honoring our vets and current servicemen a pleasure.